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Glass Wood Veneer

Please see below our range of Veneer Finishes

Glass Veneer Finishes


The Glass Veneer collection is a range of various wood finishes and applied to the back of 6 mm thick toughened glass for use as wall and furniture cladding specifically for bathrooms and other living areas where the introduction of actual veneer would not be possible or alternatively the actual damage potential would make the use of veneer impractical.

The various veneer finishes are as a result of very high resolution images being printed to a finishing vinyl which is then applied and baked onto the back of the safety glass. There are at present four veneers in the range going from a very light timber up to a dark hard wood finish.

Environmentally the glass veneer range is extremely eco frendly as we can produce the glass is large quanities for very big development projects without felling a single tree! But at the same time providing the rich textures and colours of natural timber.


Glass Wood Veneer

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