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Find out more about the Glass Design Laminating Advanced Process


Using the very latest advancement we are able to produce bespoke 
laminated glass to fulfil a variety of requirements. Glass can be 
laminated in the conventional 3 ply method, or multiply by adding additional layers. 

Laminating options include:

Toughened laminated glass configurations.

  • Coloured translucent PVB inter-layers.
  • Decorative - A variety of veneers, fabrics and metal meshes
  • 'Cracked ice' glass - The effect created by breaking an internal layer of toughened glass sandwiched between two layers of unbroken glass.

Typically used for:

  • Glass Floors
  • Stair Treads
  • Partitions
  • Fins and Beams
  • Domestic & Commercial glazing

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